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Not just victims of circumstance

We hear things that make us excited, frightened or even worried about what will happen to the world we live in.

Then we remember that the stories that we hear are not happening to us, are not happening to the people we know or occurring in the places we are familiar with. We are able to detach quickly because its not here. But then that’s normal. Everyone does it, even those that have experienced pain before. Even those that have been in a tragedy before. We’re all victims until suddenly we realize that we’re not.

They (the world) likes to say that we’re all victims of our circumstances. If that’s true then why are affluent whites whose family has lived in this country for generations not feeling the scorch of lashes, of beatings of torture and the life of slavery? Because they are just not. What about those who are trying to help, working to end violence and get killed at the hands of someone they had no hate for? Is this also a sign of circumstance? This is called something else and its starts with an i.


It is not right to hate, sure. It is not right to call people names, of course. It is not right to lock people up who don’t deserve to be locked up, absolutely correct I think except for that one time. What was that one time? You forgot? It was that significant then that you told yourself you would know this fact forever but now the lists and names keep piling up and its all messed up and you don’t remember. You don’t remember when we lost it all. But you know you want to get yourself back to where you should be feeling less remorse and more guilt. When you get there, maybe just maybe we can all be human again when we all feel the same.

Because we’re all not just victims, we all have a part to play before we succumb to the horror of becoming a statistic.




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