What’s your true self?

Stay hip, stay cool and all of that. But, you can’t forget to stay true to yourself. I say this because in a time when you can hide behind a screen, you can become anyone you want when you’re online. You might be lying to yourself and telling the truth to everyone else as you like to think of it, but inside you know you won’t find what it is you’re really looking for if you’re not honest with yourself.

I feel like this might require context but I’m not going to give any and instead point you to this music video series thing. I assume that as a sensible person you want to be happy and want to find real happiness, but as a careless human you sometimes forget that you matter. It’s an honest mistake and one that I’m writing and thinking to myself at this very moment. See? It eats at your very core because you are scared of YOU. It’s seems simple, but there are moments when we don’t even understand ourselves.

My mom likes to say that her favorite people are “me, myself and I.” I would argue the same. The me part wants to do the fun things and hold onto things while it is myself that realizes I am doing this and no one else (not always) and I know this but it’s bad to say aloud because people think its weird that you don’t even understand yourself. Well, not here on this blog and not in the communities of writers, bloggers, and creatives that encourage me to be my weirdest at all times because that is the most ordinary.

If you don’t know yourself in the present moment, then think about what people know about you. Is it real? Is it the truest form of you? The version of you that lifts you highest is the one that you will stay with the longest because it is right in every way.

Whatever you’re feeling, stay weird. Stay real.

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