It always feels good to be worth it.

We all like things. Some of those things are bad to like and others are not so bad. Bad habits, good habits we all have them really. The key is knowing when to stop when something feels too wrong-it goes the same way when something feels too right.

I’m talking about personal actions here. But, more than that what does it mean to like something that is not good for you-just to want something to remind yourself that you’re doing alright and its ok to even want to fail a little. As long as you bring yourself back up. You can’t make yourself sit out for too long. It can make you want to go into nowhere land and nowhere land is where your heart burns in loneliness. You might already be there or you’re getting yourself back up, but move yourself to do something in your day that makes you feel worth it.

This can be the simple things like walking to the mailbox, brushing your teeth, putting on new sandals, getting on Instagram for the first time in the day, or just getting out of bed. Actually, getting out of bed is everyone’s victory and I don’t know you but for some this is a step towards starting something. Maybe you get back in bed 10 minutes later, 2 hours later, 4 hours later. It doesn’t matter, as long as you know that you will get up again and keep saying this to yourself again, and again and again. With positive encouragement, you will get out of that bed and conquer what the day has in store for you. Bring it on day!

If all that effort didn’t seem to make you feel worth it then you’re not alone. In fact, probably no one feels completely sure of themselves and ready to face whatever unless they’re a super-perfect human with no flaws. It’s all right if you’re reading this shaking your head and thinking that you’re very task-oriented and focused with no need to worry about flaws. Well, you’re lying to yourself so that’s fine. The point here is that stress exists because its stress. You can get through it. I know it and I don’t even know you so that should count for something. But, us creatives got to look out for one another you know?

Keep smiling. That’s right.


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