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Your message matters

It can seem that things are harder than they really are when we tell someone about it or write it down. Music can help us explain ourselves better but only sometimes-this is only the case if we know how to get the message across.

What am I doing with this post you ask? Really nothing. It has no point, but I figure that a lot of things probably don’t have a lot of point anyway when you’re writing. Isn’t the point to write. Just write. That’s why I logged on tonight. To remind myself that I don’t need a special occasion to write. No reason to waste time for the right moment to just come swinging by.

Everyday life can be so banal and dull. It’s a routine that we adjust ourselves too, while at the same time trying desperately to break out of it (scared at the same time of what will happen when we do in fact manage to break out of everyday cycle). But, the small moments are what can remind us that it’s not so bad as we think it is. Not really.

Things are always worse than we think they are in our head. Things don’t really mean a whole lot to us if they don’t consume all our thoughts. If other people don’t care for the same thoughts or ideas, they don’t get life and we get angry about this. But, we sigh and shake our heads. Do our daily Twitter battles and move on with the day.

So, what am I trying to get across? That those small things are not small. They’re big. You’re big. And you matter. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

xt5lmsyxfqniwvh47m(gif source)

I would say they would have to got through me, but I might have to hire a bodyguard for you because I’m a weakling. But, I do think you know yourself. You know what you want to say so go ahead and say it.


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