The story within the video

Music gives us power. We like to think so anyway as humans. I like music, but some people like to tell me that music is poisoning me. Well, not that exactly but that literal translation will not be given here. Anyway. Music. It can soothe us, make us cry, give us inspiration and the determination to do something. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves but does that power ballad really mean anything at all if you’re not going to follow up on it? Yeah, sure I get that “Girls run the world” but if you work in a lab that’s hard to say to your likely male boss and co-workers who not only don’t get the reference but are tired of the “feminist” in the office. Ok. whoa. That got a little testy, this is not a post about feminists but about music. Specifically, the stories that music videos can tell. It’s like a mini movie. I bet this is not the direction you thought this post was going in, but rest assured that I have been thinking of writing this one for awhile and I hope that I have made a good list.

Girls like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko.

Maybe you’ve seen this on YouTube or maybe you’ve seen the thumbnail and clicked on something else instead. Likely. One day, I kept seeing it in the related videos so I just clicked to watch and it blew me away. If you want to know a story about a lost, closeted lesbian and her crazy way to finding love watch this. Or just someone trying to find themselves. And yes I realize I just made that sound like a movie trailer.

 Middle by DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine.

This is one my sister told me to watch the other day. It’s a story of misplaced youth and you already know the song. Plus, Josh Hutcherson.

Genghis Khan by Miike Snow.

This one has a lot of layers. You think you got it, but then you don’t actually. Is it a story of love, military dance parties, or something else entirely? It’s definitely in the future.

Woman Woman by AWOLNATION.

One of the more empowering videos for sure. If you’re not a female you should think carefully about how you treat women and if you already do then great, you don’t get any medal though sorry. If you’re a female you can also watch it and tell others to as well. I may like the song more than the video though.

Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay.

A bit more philosophical, but who doesn’t love a Coldplay video on a sunny day? There’s even a snip of Queen Bey if you don’t love them but the video is set in India and I think you will like the color.

Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna.

If you’ve read a news story about this, you’ll know that this is crazy video and I didn’t love it but still felt like it was powerful enough to include. Plus, there’s gotta be someone who hasn’t seen it yet. If you encounter Rihanna on the street, please do not try to invest with anything with her if you don’t intend to give her da goods. It’s VERY explicit, so if you haven’t seen it and are intent on watching it then you’ll need to sign into Google. I could, but I won’t.

Just Like Fire by P!nk.

Promotional for the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but still a fire song. I thought the lyrics went like: “No one could be like AMA fighters” until the other day.

Cool by Alesso ft. Roy English.

Power to the nerds. And the outcasts. Not great, but still putting it out there. A YouTube commenter made me realize this looks like Steve Jobs (and Wozniak at 2:09). Not really, that is not the intention but we can pretend can’t we?

Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.

Props to the dancers, their dancing is on point.

The Young Blood Chronicles by Fall Out Boy (Long, uncut Version).

Older, but worth a watch whenever you have the chance. Find a snack and settle in to watch the horror/sadness/fandom/blood that is FOB.



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