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Inner thoughts

There are those deep thoughts that get into our heads sometimes that we like to mull over. Then we might realize we need to be doing something else and forget about that deep thought. In the process, we find ourselves wasting time on Facebook and creeping on people and watching pointless shared videos and clicking things. Isn’t it kind of fun. No, it is not. It is a waste of time and it could lead to discovering that an enemy might have their life more figured out than you thought.

Yes, I might be describing a current situation or emotion. But, this isn’t about that. It’s going back to those thoughts. Wondering why we even think some of them. For example, “Why do I need a masters degree?” “Should I apply for that job?” “Should I move to another country?” “Should I buy more kale?” “Should I read that book finally or do it tomorrow?” All these things that pop into my head. Writing this is a distractor too but one that is constructive to me.

Here are a few of the types of thoughts that get into our head on an almost daily basis (for some people):

Organizing thoughts (“I need to make a new grocery list,” “I need to organize my room!”)

Book thoughts (“omg that book was so sad, can’t believe everyone died but then again it was a book about WWII.”)

Food thoughts (self-explanatory).

Mom thoughts (“I need to call my mom.”)

Summer thoughts (“Target said its basically summer so I need a new swimsuit even though I live nowhere near the ocean and probably won’t really go at all this summer.”)

Skincare thoughts (maybe a girl thing?)

Makeup thoughts (“I need new foundation, concealer, and eyeliner. But not really eyeliner but maybe because cute reasons.”)

Sibling thoughts (“My sisters are weird.” An everyday thought.)

Music thoughts (“I need to listen to that new Drake album, even though I don’t love Drake.”

Traffic thoughts (“I should probably leave early for work, there is also construction. And traffic and stuff.”)

Children thoughts (“oh hey those kids are cute, but glad they’re not mine.”)

Shopping thoughts (“Let me just open up five tabs and get a smoothie.”)

Yoga thoughts (“I need to do a handstand, handstand, and maybe the splits before I cannot.”)

TV thoughts (“I have a lot of shows to catch up on. But, too much sitting is not good so I’ll just catch up another day.”

Tea thoughts (“There’s so many flavors of green tea!”)

Phone thoughts (“You’re making me waste time sometimes, but I still love you. Do you love me?”)


I hope you do not think this as weird or whatever but if not, it made you smile a little and my goal has been reached.


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