Forgive yourself

On those dark and stormy spring nights when you’re lying awake in your bed, tossing and turning wondering what happen tomorrow take this thought to heart: Let it go.

For a lot of people this is easy to do. Like dictators and busy career people. Grr, I don’t have a heart or bye, you’re fired everyday kind of life. For others, this is not easy and this doesn’t mean they are stubborn or prey to falling victims to pranks (they might be, but this is unrelated) but they have a conscience reminding them of what they want and want they need.

There are many things want and many things we need. Most of what we want is not needed. So, we find ourselves moving on. This can be people, not just things. Maybe you won’t get that job that will land you the girl/guy you thought was “the one.” You find a way to move on with yourself, if that means leaving to try something entirely new then do it-but don’t throw yourself into anything that leads you back where you started. Most likely, there are a few things you are good at and one thing you really, really love. We all like to list dozens of skills on our LinkedIn pages, making us seem like a jack-of-all-trades. But we all know we’re partly faking it too.

So we hold our head high. We go outside-for a walk and discover that nature is a lot more peaceful than the busyness of everyday life. So while you stand there with your hair either blowing in the wind or getting soaked if its raining, take a deep breath and remember that this is you letting go. This is you forgiving yourself.

When you learn to love yourself you’re already on your way there.


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