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Thinking realistically

In a way, most of us are scared about financial matters we don’t understand. Some might not even understand what we’re doing with any of the money we do have. As I’m writing this I’m thinking about how to change that with some of the available financial software programs that do wonders it seems for budgeting and keeping on track. Anyway, keeping on track and on task-I need to figure out my own goals.

Realistically, I can expect that I will continue to work at the current job I have through the summer and fall. Maybe through the end of the year? I’m loving it, but I want something new too. Something that challenges me, but not too hard. I know I will not find the same environment as I do now, that is somewhat more laid-back. It will be hard to work in such a place when I am unsure of what to expect. This is a weird thing to say and believe me I realize this, but I still don’t know what to try and what not to try. It’s kind of like a haphazard map in my brain where I’m still trying to figure out the path to the lottery.

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The way that last paragraph started made it seem like I have a five year plan or something. I do not. I do, however have daily goals. I do not even do weekly goals, but I do have a lot I need and want to do in my spare time. Lists can be a chore too. But, writing it down does help, as does telling someone that you just wrote down you would do this or that. You give others an expectation then and they might check on your progress when you aren’t yourself. So, be mindful of the goals you set. They can’t be too lofty, like driving to Acapulco tomorrow or flying to live in China next week. Just things that remind you of what needs to be done now.

So I’ll do the same then, because it will probably be those reachable goals that lead to me the bigger ones anyway. And no, I don’t know what the lottery is but I hope its at the end of an amazing double rainbow.

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