A writing goal

So this week I’m going to write something creative in this blog every day. I’m writing this now, so I know to do it. It takes some effort to get on sometimes, but we all need to put in the effort for the things we love.


Classy as hell.

She walked with a gait that reminded me of how much I dislike her. It’s nothing personal and its nothing exciting either. She started dating the guy I told her I was crushing on, the guy SHE helped me to talk to and build my confidence to ask out only to be shot down because he had a girlfriend. Who happened to be someone I thought was my friend. So, that was the end of that friendship. I’d like to say it went down a little smoother, but I won’t lie and say things are all good now because they are very much not.

I am failing to keep any job I get and she is getting promotion after promotion. I shouldn’t say why I think this is, but I’ll say why I think this is: Trevor-the chief operating officer for the department. Oh, you thought this was high school? No, I wish it was so that I could graduate from this place but no. I worked hard to get here and I sure as hell am not giving it up so easily. The city I mean, the city of angels. I came from a small town in the Midwest and I don’t have a lot right now and I gave up a lot to come here. Making friends was always hard and when I met “her, ” I knew I had someone to talk to about personal matters. Or so I thought.

Not to say that this is a showdown or something and thank God I don’t work in fashion, but I need to find my own way to stay afloat. If you have any ideas or tips leave them for me in an email and I’ll probably consider it as long as it does not involve me moving back to Ohio, buying a dog, throwing out the dog, killing someone, or faking my own death. All very dramatic, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

Let me give you an idea of who I am. My name is Annie West. I graduated from Case Western with a double major in English and screenwriting. After working for one year, I decided to take a chance and move to my dream city of LA. I worked in a coffeeshop along with working at the advertising firm I was at. Rent was too high and I was miserable at a job I didn’t even really like, I realized the dream was falling apart. After 9 months, I was already thinking I made a mistake and deciding to move back. But, through all those tears I still applied to media, arts and writing jobs in hopes of landing something worthwhile. I did. Only one week later, I heard back from ABC Studios offering me the job as assistant writer for general productions. I was stunned. I took it and then moved on to work as staff writer for a new show that led me to work with a great group of people. And where I met Trevor.

Now Trevor is your average earnest type of guy. He holds back at first, but when you get to know him he is super talkative. I got to this stage fairly quickly I guess because I’m easy to talk to. Someone else also liked Trevor and I told myself never to utter her name again but here it is: “Ellen.” I use quotation marks because I recently saw her in a social media ad for ABC and her name is captioned as Carrie-Ann. I thought at first she had a twin, then realized no. No she does not. She is an only child. Anyway, sorry to get sidetracked by fake people but like I said Trevor did get sidetracked by her. Nothing really happened with me and Trevor anyway, but I hoped that he liked me enough.

I was wrong obviously. And that hurt. I hadn’t opened myself up in awhile. And Trevor was not the kind person I thought he was which was unfortunate.

Let me fast forward to this year, Trevor had been working hard as assistant to the director and somehow he is nominated for COO for the screen team (that’s what we call ourselves ok, we’re nerds). He gets it and is overwhelmed but hey he’s a big-shot now. He’s still with whatever her name is and I hope they’re both happy that they both ruined what I thought would be the best experience into a job I hated and had to quit late last year.

I’m working at a restaurant now and hoping for a break that will be better than the first time around.

Screenwriting is what I love doing most. I just need the inspiration to create something great. Hey wait..


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