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What news can you tell?


The news is easy to follow if you have internet or Twitter and even easier if you have an interest in the matter.

My favorite story in the last week or so was that of a young girl covering her local news and she even broke the news of a homicide (go her!). Go here for more: That’s news I like to hear, that of people reaching out in their community, young or old wanting to change people’s minds and wanting to be able to share the news with others. To be able to inform and do a civic duty is what journalism is all about.

Those are the moments when I wonder why I am not working in media right now. I sure don’t know, I did like it. I hope to return when I can write on health news, maybe science too but I won’t go too deep since its not my forte. But, why do any of us stop doing something because of another’s influence? Maybe not directly, but in a way that moves us in another direction perhaps. Maybe for better or for worse. I can say that Hilde is doing a service with her paper and she can’t do it all (of course not) and whether she ends up in the media or veers off into investigative reporting is up to the future.

We think we all have it all figured out but then life throws us curves and some of those curves are sharp, some might even have blades. Not too be too dark, but the truth is that no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Sorry, but we don’t. Anything is possible on any day.

So, I write here and to me that is something that I will hold onto for as long as I can. Actually, scratch that. I will hold on to that. Because why would I not want to write?

Always do what makes you happy.


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