Finding the mission

It’s weird how weathermen predict the weather. It can be stranger, still how penguins walk funny. Even weirder, why dolphins are dol-phins. That made no sense.

I could write many a random thing, but since no one really cares to read it all I would probably stop. What would be the point anyway. Why is there so much violence in the world? Why do people get married and divorce? Why does anything ever happen?

I wish I could say that people have some control over their actions, but there are a lot that don’t. It’s just a fact. One that we all have to live with and deal with.

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I’ve started to realize that I won’t figure it out so quickly though and it will probably take some failings and then some uncertainty and then some awkward success that I’m not super happy about. I don’t know what “awkward” success. I think I just made that a thing. I know, I know. All success should be praised, should be encouraged and should be positioned as the strongest part of your daily failings.

What about those jobs that no one wants, but one person does have to do?  What about getting a job that you thought you wanted, but its not what you imagined it to be at all. What about realizing that you’re failing at something in the workplace and not even caring about it a great deal as much as you should be? That might be awkward or it could just be you deciding that you want to fail. Don’t decide you want to fail. Push harder, strive higher.

I say all this, while knowing that I failed pretty hard myself but there’s no way I’m looking back on that and thinking too hard about it. I have to move on and if that means forgetting about past regrets or mistakes then bring on the clean slate of possibilities. I would hope that those of you wanting to make some changes in your life–just try to do it.

You might not exactly know what you’re doing at this moment (or maybe you had a career change), but I can promise you that if you give yourself time you will find whatever that is.

You will be lost forever if you let yourself believe that–I’m deciding not to think that way anymore. It requires changing a mindset that might have been there for awhile and was convenient for getting out of some things. Ex: “I can’t find a job, I’m just so lost, “I’m going to travel to find myself, “I’m still lost in the world.” Things like that that if you were to say in a job interview would get blank stares because what does that even mean? Traveling to find yourself? Why not just travel to travel? Like, to enjoy yourself. You don’t have to actually find anything. When you do that, you’ll let yourself discover things you weren’t looking for in the first place.

So, my mission: To be happy (as always) and to do things that I not only enjoy but spread joy to others as well.

Stay safe and happy.

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