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Changes you can make

There’ s a quote that goes like: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It’s attributed to Gandhi, but no one really knows for sure. Anyway, the point being that changes don’t come on their own like a sudden thunderstorm or snowstorm in April. Like a lot things people say, you either have to really want something or not at all. You have to be willing to take that extra step when it comes to doing something amazing for yourself.

Like me. I’m going to take the next few minutes to write all the things I hope to do in the next five years (I actually kinda hate these types of things, but its a post so here we go).

  1. Teach English Abroad. I got into a program like a few weeks ago and this is in progress, but I don’t know if I want to go where I applied now. I need to figure out what I would enjoy and make a real list. It will be a thing.
  2. Get an apartment. Preferably a loft. I’m still looking for the right one, plus thinking of moving maybe so there’s so immediate rush on this.
  3. Read more than 5 books a month. I used to do this easily, more so in the summer. I have so much I want to read and whenever I go to a bookstore, my list only grows. Sigh.
  4. Write a book. Out there, but I can try.
  5. Buy more organic makeup.
  6. Meet someone amazing. A friend or more than a friend, can’t say.
  7. Write health news online or in a news outlet.
  8. Teach yoga or pilates. Possibly a real thing.
  9. Visit Montreal. Unleashing my inner French girl.
  10. Make a youtube channel. About life? About travel? I don’t know.

I think some of those things will happen in a few years, hopefully or sooner. I’m tired of making lists (no I’m not, I love it!).

I hope you’re having an awesome day and remembering to at least try something new today.


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