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Everyday opportunities for goals

We find opportunities. Write them down, seek them out and tell ourselves that if we want them hard enough they will happen. What things? Jobs, internships, relationships.

I need to set aside a day to work on applications, essays, and to-do lists. Yes, set aside time to make time to make time for things that I really want to do or really need to get to sometime this year maybe (hopefully this month, nope definitely this month). I don’t like to throw away opportunities that might be beneficial to me, or ones that I might regret later on. And since, I haven’t found that dream job yet I’m always still applying to jobs that seem interesting. One day I’ll hit the job that I’ll stay with for some time but for now, which is not to say I’ll stay unemployed in the time between then, I’m not going to settle either on the first amazing opportunity that comes my way (but I won’t be crazy to pass it up either if it really, truly is amazing). Every job is different and allows me to meet new people, try different things, and step outside of my element (a bubble).

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So, ok yeah I’m not going to give up doing what I love the most either: Writing. Though, truthfully true creative writing has been lacking from me lately. Looks like I need to schedule that in. It’s really not that weird, because when I write it down I do it and it happens. The day is organized. Usually, unless something comes up like needing to buy a gift for someone and wasting time in the drugstore or mall looking at pointless things or wasting time in Walmart. But, achievement can be unlocked by at least doing two things on a list of maybe five things.

Taking chances, writing, and wanting to do something big but remembering I can’t do it all in one day probably about sums me up. (I can try though!)



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