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Lose yourself randomly

There are those moments when our minds just want to settle for once. Not really, but we like to think that we can focus on one thing when somewhere in the very back of our mind we are thinking of “later” or “after.”

No, we try to manage our time but we get lost up in our own lives and things we want to try, do or see. Maybe we’ll decide to uproot our lives and move to Chile and live there. Or China. Whatever. You find something you like though? You want to stick with it, maybe long-term until things start to go sour anyway then you’re probably good for quite awhile. I’m not really making any sense, but what I mean is that it’s ok to get lost as long as you know why. Why do you want to move to Chile? The most important thing about getting lost is being able to find your way back to being “found” afterwards. Maybe a person will help you do this, but most likely its going to be you. You lose everything by forgetting who you are and where you came from, you lose nothing by taking a chance and being a more thriving and cultured person because of it.

So, I hope you read this when you found it and not just when it popped up in a sub box or tags- or even a simple like to give me a boost of confidence. No, you read it now like in the last few minutes. Read things now. RIGHT NOW! Start something and finish it this hour. Today if its early where you are.

You gain nothing by not trying. I’m random and I don’t even care.

This has been my 100th post.


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