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Write to write

So they say writing is nothing and will lead to no jobs. This is not incorrect, but for literally every job on the market you need to know how to write and even better if you can do it well. Not just write, but compose documents and make sense of it enough to make someone else understand it better. Whatever that is. Wherever your heart lies.


I have much to say about being a liberal arts student and a person who loves the arts in general. But, don’t misunderstand me and think that’s all I care about. I love science. Especially astronomy and space news. No, of course I’m not a rocket scientist but are most of the people reading this? No. It’s an age-old need to want to be curious and know more than we already know. I can find countless articles about wellness and finding peace with yourself and whatnot, but I’m not going to link any of them. I will say this: Not feeling worth it because of what you are interested in is not something you should let anyone make you feel this way–yes, even if its your own family.

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If you come from a more traditional Asian family, then you have probably three choices of a career and none of them deeply involve the arts. The rest of us either have loving parents who support us no matter what or will do their hardest to sway you in the path they have chosen for you until you are much older and realize this is not your dream nor your personal goal of happiness later. (full disclosure, my parents were of the latter and were- or rather are supportive of what I do).

So what do you do in such a scenario? You make your own rules? You break out and risk your family name? This is all very dramatic and may or may not apply to any specific situation, as everyone is different.

gif source. Also, congrats to Leonardo on his Oscar!

Luckily, if you love something strong enough you can do it if you have the internet. If all you want to do is write, then start with something like a blog. If you want to write news, think about interning at a local paper or news site. Be ok with blogging though. If you’re an artist, don’t be afraid to share your work online. Learn how to make a unique watermark for your images and work and disable copying. This might be easier to do when using specific sites geared towards artists like DeviantArt, where a community is just waiting to help you. If you love history and political science and see flaws in the American political system (or any other system, depending on where you live) then take a stance on it. The possibilities are endless for creatives. In fact there is a website created by a creative mind for those that are lost though many just tend to waste their time on it with memes and such. It’s called tumblr.


But is publishing itself dead? I wouldn’t say its thriving, but I wouldn’t say it’s in its grave quite yet. We like to say that to people who we hear write for *gasp* an actual print newspaper?!? But, is it really that surprising? To me, to be able to write on the staff of a newspaper is almost like an honor these days even if the pay is meager and the jobs are difficult with no appreciation for what you do if at all. Why? Because you’re doing a service to the community. A community that might be made up of people in their 60s. Where I live people might be around my age, but not the whole town. Not people who have lived here for years, no. The younger people are the one’s moving to bigger cities and doing big things while the older generation stays because of the town. And the newspaper. It is the traditional way of life. And yes, I might want to get a kindle one of these days but you feel fresh when you grab ahold of a newspaper and get the inky newsprint on your hands. You’ve just been swept up in the local news of the days which is probably not exciting, but its something. And it means something to someone.

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This post got a little long. Here is a post I made a few years ago about being an English major and trying to figure out my next point in life on the chart.

Isn’t that what all these posts are about though? Life and what it means and why I’m happy to be alive.

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