Happy Tuesday

Assuming that by this point you are all done with your leaping and mucking about in February we’re now moving on the designated start of spring month: March.

March is by default my birthday month, but it is either very warm or temperate. The second is usually preferred. In the past, this has become snow in the last days of the month but people still associate the month with things like “spring” and “flowers” and “spring cleaning” but mostly “time change.” Yes, mostly time change because people are afraid of a great many things but change is one of those things which does not flow over very well with pretty much anyone (be reasonable with yourselves, you hate the new Twitter or the new Facebook like emoji things) and time is basically a construct anyway. Like, right now it’s probably half past ten but the year is not known. It could be 2017, but we decided to have an extra day and for the maybe 5% of babies (is it more, holla if you’re born on Feb. 29) you actually finally have a real birthday on your actual date of birth instead of March 1 or Feb. 28 probably the latter. Maybe those people love their birthday, maybe those babies born yesterday will be cute inevitably as babies are but realize that leap days are a lie. They will go to school for this. They will do research on this. It will prove nothing. They will live their lives. It will do them no great pleasure to also realize that their actual birthday also comes whenever their is a U.S. presidential election. It will probably require moving or doing more research.

Well that’s not me. Obviously. But, hopefully you’re doing well and thinking strangely about what will happen to you tomorrow or 39.5 years from now. Things don’t have to make sense or even be orderly.

For example, the day this post will be up is a Tuesday. Which apparently will be Super and one that has people excited, until it is Wednesday. Then it is no longer exciting and the novelty has worn off to agitated and woop and bam and maybe even murderous screams of bleached hair.

So don’t make sense. Just don’t do it.


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