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Day by day

Lately, I’ve been thinking about real future plans. Where would I like to be next fall? Working in another country? I don’t really do those 5-year plan things, its gets me all stressed out, but I do everyday goals. Reachable goals, sometimes I’ll make them bigger but usually it’s a do what I can when I can kind of lifestyle.

But, then there books I want to read and podcasts I’m told are “you have to hear this!” worthy so I make lists. But, only a few items a day because its best not to overwhelm yourself with goals and things that you already know you won’t get to. Taking it slowly, one item at a time will lead to a more balanced and calm mind. If not, meditate or sleep (unless your naps are 2 hours long and its after 4 PM) and take a cold compress to put over your eyes and head. You’ll be feeling like yourself in no time.

So as I sit here and write this post, I’m not listening to anything. I’m just writing. I’m doing this one task and letting it be my current focus. No music either. Mostly because I want to do this real fast so I can do something else, but I want to say that my mind is not as scattered as it maybe was a few years ago.

The back of my mind of where I will be next year? That’s kind of fuzzy. As is where I would like to end up working and living. But today? I wrote something. I made an effort to get myself into some type of creative headspace.


(gif source)

(even though the day you’re reading this, I may not have done any writing since this post is being done a few days before).



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