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Learning English

English is an interesting language. We have so many words for so many things. The rules of grammar can be confusing and the way in which we teach it can also be confusing so there (probably) continues to be a generation that hates learning grammar. The best way to solve this is meeting the students on their level in order to help them grasp the material.


Now, I recently became certified in TEFL which is exciting. I’m usually asked these days how I got into teaching and where I would like to teach. I think I got a substitute teaching certificate, but didn’t really teach in any of the schools around me. Then, I thought about getting a certification for early childhood-especially when I was volunteering with youth and young girls. What about going a little farther and getting a masters in teaching? In college, I half though about being an elementary education major or sociology or psychology or political science. But, then few are 100% sure of their major in college anyway. You figure out your mistakes later, for better and for worse.

The point being I didn’t go into teaching. I decided too many people do that, what about journalism I thought. It was fine for awhile, until I decided after much deliberation to go to grad school for it. But, flash back to when I was younger and I played school with my siblings. Our students were our stuffed animals and they were mostly good students, except when one of them acted up and threw themselves across the hall or something. I used to organize lessons and we even had a bear newspaper (on one sheet of paper). I can’t tell anymore because I don’t remember anymore-I was probably 12 or 13.

However, that’s not my real love either. I love to write, always have ever since I was super young and that’s something that will never change. If this post is any testament to that and I want to keep myself in the practice of writing on the regular, I’ll keep writing in this blog.

I’m blessed to say that I’m doing something I really like to do though and recently acquired a job which is something to look forward to (minus the commute that comes with it but that’s life). I want to do some other blogging and writing in addition to this blog and as I’m writing it wheels are turning in my head on how to make that happen.

Because don’t tell me “I’m trying to find myself.” We all are, in a way. If you want to do something you like, then take a chance and write about it. Or just feel sad for awhile if that helps, but then get yourself back up because only you can control the trajectory your life takes.


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