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Stop forcing it and just breathe

If you want to do something just do it. If you want to get noticed, just make an impression (a positive one, of course) on Twitter. Or, if you just want your 2 days of fame film a cute baby or animal doing something cute and put it online and make sure its public. Well, that’s what people say to do to be someone or something, if we’re going to include all people here (even goats).

So, I think this year is the year of “getting it done.” What do I mean by “it?” Jobs, certifications, things I always wanted to try, visiting places and meeting new people. I also want to meet up with friends I haven’t seen in years and spend more time with my sisters. There’s really no need to feel too down about not getting some of these things done because if there’s one thing I learned it’s that I’m only person and life goes on. It always does. I wish I could tell the same to so many others, but it isn’t always as easy as admitting this fact to yourself. But I’ll tell you this: Stop forcing it. Whatever needs to happen, will happen and if it doesn’t you can’t beat yourself up over it. Take the challenges you find one breath at a time.

Just writing in this blog is one of those things that I have to remind myself to do because I just don’t. Even though blogging for yourself is probably the best forms of therapy out there. That and coloring books.

If this is a weird post it’s because I just started watching a weird/odd/strangely amusing show called Portlandia so upside -down happy face emoji.




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