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25 things I will still love in the new year (and beyond)

I want to write one last post this year and here it is. I have to get ready because people are coming over to my house for a get together so this is about to be random and rushed but I feel happy (ish) right now so let’s do this.

via GIPHY, as is the one above.


1. Notebooks

2. Books

3. Blogs

4. Eco-friendly living

5. Organic makeup

6. Spotify and its awesome playlists

7. Ability to drive someplace

8. Close relations (family mostly)

9. List-making

10. Organizing/Not being a mess

11. Buzzfeed

12. Climate Change

13. Mars news

14. My camera

15. Tumblr

16. YouTube

17. Haters

18. Trolls

19. Positive quotes

20. Yoga & Pilates

21. Big cities

22. The little adventures (like going to Kohl’s at 10 PM for no reason).

23. Libraries

24. Web Design

25. Healthy living

#17 & 18 were a shout out to those that bring me down. I can’t love you all, but I can try to make a positive out of a negative. Some just popped into my head but whatever life is short. Make lists of things you love.

I’m hoping that this year I get that job I want, move someplace new, meet someone that enchants me, and travel somewhere new. In all, I hope to be happy in whatever I pursue and with whomever I end up with in life.

Happy New Year!




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