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Feel blessed everyday

Everyone always says “Life is short. Eat cake” or something like what you’d see on a Hallmark card. I get that maybe as you’re reading this you’re taking a break from working or you are working (you blog/write/social media) and you’re feeling the stress. Maybe you’re telling yourself you’re not stressed, but what did you accomplish this year. And before you say, “wait, I’ve been at this same job…” and sigh sadly you already know you did so much this year. You make yourself smile fondly at what you’ve done. You’ve actually accomplished a great deal, you just fail to think about that little part.

That little part where you laughed. Where you went outside and stayed there for a long time (maybe it was really hot or maybe it was freezing). Where you called a phone or cable company and wasted an hour of your day, maybe more. Where you didn’t reply to texts, emails or those times you spent entirely too much time on Twitter when that breaking news story happened that was just so tragic and scary. Then you shared and shared and shared your love of baking, and love of wanting to wish you could bake with your family and friends. Endless things you want to try or buy, but have no money and think “whatever, I don’t really need it.” Well, the sensible one’s do. Then, when we remember we have a roof over our heads and those who do not especially during this time of year we are thankful. We are #blessed.

So where are you in your life right now? Did you do all the things you said you were going to do this time last year? If not, what do you need to do to change that? Of course, if you’re a thinking, breathing person your goals do change. Sometimes completely. That’s a good thing.

If you made it down to here, then leave me comment of where you are reading this and what you want to see out of the world in the next year (even if its an outlandish thing!) I look forward to reading what some of you have to say.


(via GIPHY). If only we could all be Chris Traeger, then we might solve some of the problems in the world.



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