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What do you REALLY want to do?

It’s time for what I like to call “Hopeful Musings” or if you prefer “Hopeless Musings.” Now, everybody just line up over there by the the door and before you step out of it, tell me this: What do you plan to accomplish one you step outside those doors and why does it matter to you? To anyone? Do you still plan on stepping outside that door? Have you even stepped outside the door in the last few months?


Alright, didn’t mean to get all motivational speaker on you there. The truth is as the months go by, I’m starting to see that if I want the future that I think about I need to put my thoughts into actions. No, the right guy is not going to come to my front door and I will not meet him on some chance encounter. This is because when I do take chances, I know what the outcome will be like. Usually. Not always. Ok, so I don’t know how to predict most things but for the most part I’m not crazy in thinking that I need to take charge of my own decisions.

So what do I want to do? I could answer that or I could ignore that and say something like “pilates is the best strength training ever. It tops everything.” But you seem (sorta) nice so I’ll say this: Like I’ve sort of said in previous posts, I want to do things that are interesting and relevant. I think this is not common for a young person to say these days, but I don’t want to be young and wild and free forever. I want a place of my own. It makes me a little sad to see people younger than me who have already got this part figured out, simply by buying a house or car. I can’t do any of those things and probably won’t be able to for many, many years. I live at home is why. I’m trying to leave, but I need to secure a job and a semblance of a good future for myself before jetting off because then I will just end up right where I started.

So reader, you’re reading this why again? Because you falsely thought it would give you the answers you need. But, it’s a question. Both rhetorical and real. What is the reason for wanting to do anything? 

A book I recently read centered around suicide, the quote “Everything affects everything” stuck out to me. Why? Because, when you think about it’s true.

Too much to think about in one post? Too many questions, not enough substance? Oh well, you came to the wrong place then.

Here’s some puppies to make it all better.


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