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I don’t know what to be when I grow up.

I like to tell people I’m a writer mostly because I am, but in my head I would love to be a part of a team or work setting. I’ve never had an office job. Are those boring or does it depend on the occupation? I’m going to go with the latter for the most part. I’m not really a reporter anymore, but one day I would like to get back to that as well. I’ve always wanted to work as a reporter at a newspaper during election season. In 2012, I’m wasn’t on any paper. I had graduated by then. I wrote some election related stories online, but nothing local. So, no pizza nights have been experienced by me. Is that a weird thing to want? The 4 AM late-night, no sleep, waiting on election results, trying to make the deadline kind of life. Yup, probably weird. But, politics is such a rush at the same time. I also thought briefly I would be some kind of investigative reporter or work on special reports, but I suppose I’m not saying no to any possibilities but putting all that on hold.

Right now I am working on ESL certification, a nutrition certificate, and maybe yoga or pilates teacher training (this last one is a long and ongoing thought for me, but eventually this will also be a thing for me). I applied to a job I’m probably not qualified for, but I’ve applied to tons of those already. I take rejection by reading the message and deciding to self-destruct the email in the five seconds after reading it or save it because no reason really email just piles up ok?

via Giphy: http://giphy.com/gifs/doctor-who-matt-smith-surprised-fHXqDzNSYJr9e

I know I need my own place though, that much is clear to me. Where? Obviously wherever the job is and wherever I end up. I hope its somewhere I am happy and the co-workers feel like a family. This is something I want besides: More friendships. More get-togethers for no reason, because isn’t that what friends do? I don’t really know, I was hoping you did.

(I do have friends, just not a lot and not one that is like someone I turn to when times are bad.)

So, I’m going to say that for right now it’s ok to be unsure of the next step. I will stay confident that my current educational pursuits will lead me somewhere, who knows it might make me famous or better yet.. working at a newspaper.


New goal (that I may or may not reach, since my interests change often) to meet by Spring 2016: Be on the staff of a local/state newspaper reporting in some form on election coverage. Yes, this would be bucket list level achievement. I’m so weird, I’m so sorry. I bet I will hate the deadlines again once in that environment :/ Basically, something like this:

http://giphy.com/gifs/guns-bacon-ted-cruz-93oANHdtAp69y (Actually I hope not, lol).

Well, happy October and happy time of year when everything around you is pumpkin.


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