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The Need to Organize: 5 Awesome Planners

My last post was about how I’m staying organized and sane and all that. But, let’s be real in the process of writing that post I was distracted by some other awesome planners. I don’t always make posts like this, but then I thought this blog is a mesh of random things most days anyway. So this weekend, some things I love in list form. Today: Planners.

1. Passion Planner

via http://blog.passionplanner.com/
via http://blog.passionplanner.com/

Like I mentioned in the last posting, I love Passion Planner. I don’t have one, no. Do I want one. Oh, yes. I very much do want one and I would be willing to not buy makeup for awhile to save up (oh yeah).

2. Minimal Planner from Pocketo. Alright, I really love this type of binding. Sometimes spiral just comes apart, ya feel? Also, it is affordable! The only drawback is that I’m not really feeling the minimal look on the inside pages. I like lines! But love the binding. I just want to touch it!

3. 2016 Birch Flower from Rifle Paper Company. This is a covered spiral bound. What are the name of those notebooks with the band around it called? I have a few. Ugh, I’m drawing a blank and Google isn’t helping right now. Whatever, if you know what I mean then comment but I’ll probably remember and add it in later.

4. Large Pattern Folding Planner by mochithings. I randomly found this one. It looks interesting, it’s like a book or a map. I’m going to assume based on the photos that there is more than enough room to probably over-plan.

via Mochi Things: http://www.mochithings.com/schedulers-and-planners/large-pattern-folding-planner/10309
via Mochi Things

5. 12-Month Agenda- Wild Confetti by Lily Pulitzer. This is cute, that’s really all I can say. There are a few other similar patterns and I would say it’s the kind I would carry in my purse or bag but I don’t actually carry an organizer or planner with me. Nope, I like to write down daily what I do but that planner doesn’t need to be with me everywhere. It’s just to keep me organized. I should know my own schedule and plus isn’t that what phones are for. You might be thinking then why bother with planners in the first place? What’s the point? Well, I like it. Maybe I’m old-fashioned (old habit in young blood) but it’s probably that I like to write and it helps to clear my head to write down my plans and goals.

The Verdict: Passion Planner. I feel like I’m putting too much hype on this dang planner. Does anyone else reading this currently have the Passion Planner? Is it working for you? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? I really want to know! Second place probably goes to the planner from Pocketo, which I might get if not the Passion Planner.


Happy organizing, remember that it really can make you feel happy when your mind is clearer.


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