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Nutrient rich goals

I have some thoughts about healthy eating and what I want my role to be in it. I would like to be able to write about nutrition for a wider audience, to be able to have something thoughtful to say that is accurate at the same time. Do I want to get certified teach a fitness class, or pilates or yoga? (it will probably be the latter at least for now). Can I become a health coach? Would I find good work doing this and would it be fulfilling for me? I have no answers to any of these questions and I’m frantically watching Crash Course, Khan Academy, and reading books trying to educate myself on whether I can do this. One part of my brain says yes, you can do this. Healthy eating and wellness are all you really care about to be happy. But the other part, that part reminds me that while I like it, I don’t like thinking about the science behind it all. Maybe you’re thinking if that’s the only thing holding me back, go for it right?

I like to think I have a good nutrient-rich diet, in the best way I can. I’m not perfect by any means, but I would like to learn more. So, the point of all this then?

I got accepted into health related certificate program at a well-respected university. My hesitation is whether to accept this offer and move forward with a career in wellness or just carve out something else in that area entirely. For those reading, I’m not asking for any kind of advice necessarily nor am I asking for questions. That’s just what’s going on with me at the moment. A real thing that is happening and is making me have weird future life-flash-before-your-eyes thing.

Is that all I’m doing? Nope, I’m currently taking a TEFL class and maybe I’ll talk about that another time and why I’m doing it. And, yes still looking for a job. Hopefully my new pursuits will lead me somewhere.

If you read this all the way through, then thanks I guess! You’re pretty awesome for reading about someone else’s worries but you’re also probably a good person for not caring only about your own needs. Alright, enough of that. (Did you like the videos? What about the TED Talk? Dr. Fuhrman is really great isn’t he?)

Smile, because life is short.


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