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Tomorrow’s goals, today’s victories

So, I’ve been around. Since my last post I’ve been on vacation and back for awhile, then to some other places.

Without naming the location, here are some photos from that place:

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

IMG_2337 IMG_2341

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon

So, I think that takes care of that. And no, no photos can ever capture that canyon properly. It doesn’t matter how experienced of a photographer you are. Sorry, but no it’s just too spectacular. It’s grand.

Anyway, moving on. It’s also a month of fasting and a time for reflecting on faith. Sometimes I like to say I don’t have any faith, but the truth is its always there. Somewhere in the back of my head, its creeping out. Reminding me that hey: It’s ok to feel things and want things and be a curious person and have something to believe in. I believe in a life. In a family and a sort of dream of tomorrow. I’d like to say that I’ve got it all figured out but really I have no idea where I’m even going with this post.

However, I make goals. I try to write things, putting it down on paper or typing it up can just clear your head in so many ways. I forget that sometimes. I haven’t been writing as much as I would like. Goal for the next month? Yes, but then this next month is not about trying to jump high hurdles but setting reachable goals. I’ve reached some already so I know I’m doing something right. Signing up for online classes, deciding to jump into something and then actually doing it basically sum up this month if not this summer so far. And that makes me so happy.

The summer is not over yet and I hope I can go on another trip or two before Labor Day weekend rolls around. If not, I’ll keep setting those reachable goals. Like, getting a job. Like continuing to write, because I do know that the writing can turn into something if I’m lucky. There’s a whole community of writers out there that I sometimes forget about until I get online.

So, I’m keeping it real by reading and writing. Not trying to stress, because that is where the melt-down is likely to enter into the equation. Keeping this post sort of light and not really on any particular topic but watch and see what my next one will be, since I’m going to do my best to find a theme if possible (or not).

Stay awesome!

Edit: This was published on 6/30 at 11:17 PM, for the point to get one last post before the month ends.


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