The Untagged Post

It’s been an ok week and when I say “ok”, I mean not very productive at all. Again, not trying to kill myself over it so I think I’ll somehow make it. This is one of those posts where I write just to make this blog look active, when I would rather be doing something else (or maybe I should have done this earlier?).

There are places I wish I could be this weekend and no one able to go with me. This happens to me a lot (a lot being a great deal, you don’t need a number alright). I wanted to be in Chicago this weekend for a few music festivals. To meet with friends, to maybe see Anderson Cooper live. I don’t really know what it is but it sounds cool and I’m not totally bummed to not see it but hope Andy and Anderson come back this way. I could go on about other reasons why I love Chicago. The lake, the neighborhoods, the loop, the “married with children fountain.” (if you know what I’m talking about, then comment below). I always viewed New York as my favorite city. Oh, New York the city of life. I will live there one day is what I used to tell myself  and who knows maybe one day I will, but after living in Chicago for a brief time I got blown away by its sheer awesomeness. Chicago is so close to me and I’ve been there so many times I maybe overlooked it, but when you live there and are a part of it-part of the pedestrians, part of the crowd, part of the park-walkers its just great. I will live in Chicago again. That is one goal I hope to make a reality and this time with positive outcomes.

So, I want to go places. You know as much. I want to go to music festivals. I have been listening to a lot of James Bay and letting myself drift into happy thoughts with his voice. Whatever the situation, I think music helps. Spotify is probably the app I use the most and I love it. So music. So writing. They combine into a state of calm in my mind.

No tags, no filters, no nothing. If you can see this post, then remember to keep smiling and go to sleep when you should go to sleep at night 🙂

Now, if only I could follow my own advice.


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