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The Promotional Post (aka what’s me? and where)

Yes, it’s another week and the weather is getting warmer. Everyone seems to be going a little crazy with summer plans, some with internships, others with vacations somewhere and its all kind of depressing to hear about when you’re not so sure about your own self.

But, let me get down to it. To stand out, I want to be noticed like anyone else (in a good way) and to to make somewhat of an impression on someone’s mind. The writer in me is trying everyday to really get myself to do better, aim higher, and reach farther every day. Often I miss the goal or deadline, but I hope to strive for the best anyway. 

I’m a writer. I write things that make me think. That make me try to analyze random things like scrapbooking or complex things like the media. Oh, how I love to critique the media. This, from a writer/reporter standpoint: Mainstream media only tells you what is relevant to the nation, not necessarily you. Know that. Watch your local news from time to time, engage in debates with people online, stir up controversy on your Facebook timeline letting people talk about those crazy ideas you have. You know you have some close-minded friends and family, probably everyone does. Everyone has their own version of what that means as well and what it means to be open. Read a book. Read a magazine article all the way through. You won’t share it, there will be no need. The people you really know will read it will read it, but everyone else won’t even bother to click. Watch a documentary. Watch the history channel for 30 minutes (unless TURN is on and you get swept up into it). Meditate, which to me honestly just means closing your eyes for 5-10 minutes and doing nothing. Taking deep breaths, in and out, in and out. Then find a way to come back to you, maybe the focus will be more trained.

I’m going to go ahead and say that if you have a tumblr, then you should follow me. Main, book blog, fangirl.


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