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Creative Spark

Oh, hey blog. It’s been “awhile.” And, I know that’s what people say when they’re sorry for missing out or something like that, but listen read this: I didn’t feel like writing anything for a long while. I told myself I would only write when I have a job or some semblance of one, but I’m getting tired of empty promises and broken threats. It’s fine, I’m making up for it by writing a post every day this week. See? I can write and in case you’re wondering, I did sorta find that creative spark again but only sorta.

The truth is the only thing I really know how to do is write. Maybe not well and maybe not great, but I can do it. I would love to be paid for it, but no one really does that anymore. I would like to go back to another school (online) but then I remind myself isn’t that how this whole thing started in the first place? With me wanting more. Me wanting more opportunities. That’s all I really want. I do my best to remind myself that it’s not really as bad as I think, but I’m a liberal arts student forever and a lover of literature and the arts. Basically, knowledge is power and I want to know all the things. It’s hard to know what I mean by that, but I want what I feel like will give me stability. Hard to knock that one out so easily.

This week I’m working towards better writing. Better information and stepping outside my level of trying. I can always try harder. I have to know that this fitness thing I’m trying for and this writing thing are a part of me. They’re both my passions and I have to find a way to weave them together. So writing prompts, setting writing goals and reaching out to that online community will probably be the best to guide me as I work to be a better and more focused writer.

If you write, keep writing. If you know what gives you the adrenaline you need to be creative find it and set out on a mission to write your heart out. To create things. To build things. To say something meaningful to you and partake in something that bring you closer to yourself. It’s something I’m striving for.

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