Finding a regular routine

So I’m back here. Back where I started, back to this place where nothing really works out and I’ll probably leave from again but next time not for school. I messed up and I could have done better (a lot better), but at this time anyway I know I’m not going back to grad school.

I’m super stressed about other things probably, not really but I know my body is. I’ve been getting cravings for like ALL THE FOODS!! This has never happened to me before, but I’m working hard to keep a regular schedule of exercise, healthy eating, and air. Yeah, going out is helpful too probably I just don’t realize it. I drank like 4 bottle of water today, not one after the other but yeah. I also chewed gum and drank water to avoid eating in the day, but this might not be the best idea either. I don’t know what else to do. It’s probably related to hormones and possibly serotonin levels. I wish it could be more sunnier where I am, but I’ll just make do with this ok weather (no snow, but it’s looking like that in most places this year). I really want to just go to a tropical location, maybe the beach? Anywhere to just get out of the mist. Sunlight also raises happy levels.

So anyway, I’m working to get back into some kind of routine for better well-being. I have written about that before, but like Alice I very seldom follow my own advice.

It’s going to take some time, as I write this my hands are cold (my hands and feet are usually cold) and I’m reminded of what I probably need to do to get happy again. I haven’t had any urge to want to play Just Dance in a while, which isn’t really like me. I have been working out in other ways,though so I haven’t been completely sedentary or anything like that. I just need to be happy enough to want to play games again.

Well, that’s enough of my personal problems. Perhaps a little too personal? Oh well. You have to live life happy if you want to do it all, getting there is the hard part.


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