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The post about parents

My last post was related to more and more millennials living at home. Mostly because parents let them stay there, but also because society says its ok to keep them there. I did read one person on Twitter who said something like: “That’s disgusting.” in response to more young people moving back home. But, what about in Europe? Depending on your home situation of course, living at home can maybe take a toll in the long run but it should not be “disgusting” in the least bit but a place to feel comforted and supported. I could go on about the topic for days and days, but that’s not what this post is going to be about. I wanted to come back and write about parents in general. Yeah, i get that not everyone has them or even a full set of them. But, hey just because you might live with both doesn’t mean their perfect either. Of course understandably, they are not terrible beings either. The heart of a parent probably lies somewhere in caring more and pretending to care less.

That doesn’t really make sense because I didn’t word it right, but they either care or they don’t. No in between with these folks. Maybe they give you money or maybe they don’t and maybe they care about your achievements (mom’s always will if no one else) or maybe they they just don’t give a damn. They are though these people that want to hear from you and know what’s going on in your life because it interests them. You can make them proud at any age.

Stepping away from the sappiness, let me just say that my parents are pretty positive in terms of making sure that I succeed and go forth.


Maybe that sounds cheesy, but I’m being real here. They only want the best and though they might be the harshest (AT THE SAME TIME as being the best critics, like come on who else can do this?) In reality, parents want success and though they might not be successful they want you to be. Don’t turn down encouragement. That’s just weird. When we get older, I think we realize that we were mean as teens (well, the nice people anyway) and start to take into account what our parents have told us.

I’m going away to live in a big city that I don’t know a whole lot about just because.

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I need to and my parents understand. It’s hard to let go, but you know that you need to yourself (maybe more so sometimes). It’s hard to let go. It seems sometimes that mom’s are easier than dad’s at this, but maybe it different for everyone. In my experience, my dad (if he had it his way) I would never leave him and stay with him forever.

Good job to my dad (the bond between a father and daughter is strong) for holding out the past month while my sister has been away. It’s been a month. Like I mean, there’s been some emotions and stuff.

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If you’re reading this, then maybe you miss or yearn for your parent right now. It’s ok, give him/her a call. They won’t mind.



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