Maintaining a Healthy Mind

The stress of figuring out what you’re going to do eventually can get to you sometimes. Like, really get to you. Not only can you get headaches, but your body aches and you feel sad for no reason. You’re thinking about so many different things and hoping that your path will find itself somehow. I’m in this predicament as well, but I’m doing my best to not let my worries get a deep hold on me.

It can kind of overtake you and you can forget to breathe. And that would be bad because you need to breathe to live. When you sit at home most of the time and are without a job, the days kind of blend together and you get kind of restless for the next step (when you don’t know if there even is one). The best thing I can say to remedy that is to find what you love. Don’t tell me you don’t have anything or anyone you don’t love. I don’t believe you. There is something you take joy in and there may be someone that you adore, but we’re not always taking into account the love that is already around us. Maybe that’s sad or maybe that’s just us pretending we know what we’re talking about when we say “I got this.” We don’t got this. We never really have.

The idea is to find that balance, in which our mind and body is happy at the same time. Maybe all it takes is a sunny day or the chance to watch your favourite television shows. Get off social media. If you’re like me and you have no one to watch your tv shows with, then look to the live-tweeters and live-bloggers which is pretty much like watching the show with so many fans who are going through the same emotions. A small thing. But, maybe a big thing too. If it gets you to smile, then yeah maybe it’s what you need to do. Go online. Talk to people. Don’t do anything crazy, of course but get out of looking at yourself from the outside because you’re not alone in the world. Not by a long shot.

Try something like this in everyday life:

retrieved from Oregon State University Be Well Blog:
retrieved from Oregon State University Be Well Blog:

This is the Healthy Mind Platter by Dr. Dan Siegel. It outlines perfectly what we can do to create the right balance. To be able to find that well-being in ourselves which we lack. Finding a clear focus is the first step in wanting to do better for yourself. Everyone can do this, in daily life to make sure that their mind is getting the rest, stimulation, and nourishment that is fully needs. To work and play we need to know what we want.

Of course, we’re not all perfect, but if we work at it we will realize our inner potential. Also: Smile!




Keeping it light, here is a song that might lift your spirits and help you remember that you don’t have to do it all today.


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