Being certain is hard

I have not written for awhile. But, that’s my fault, because I’ve sorta been trying to figure out some things while also working on some personal projects. I’ve self-published some books, but I’m working on on currently that I hope turns out alright.

Beyond that, my adventures with writing continue. But, if anything here’s the thing to expect probably in the summer: More focused blog posts (I know, I’m working on this!), more book talk (I’ll point you towards my book blog now), and maybe everyday conversations where I just talk to people about their life like an interview but not as formal. I don’t know. Something tells me though that I have no idea what I’m about to get myself into (and yes, that can get a bit scary too).

I am not really sure what direction I’m moving in with these blog posts. Some of them are haphazard. Some of them have a theme. Overall, I’m pretty random and for the most part I’m proud of that, but I don’t mean to make this like so many blogs out there where it turns into a whining call about their life and problems. Whoever even reads these probably doesn’t care either way, because they read because it catches their eye. I can understand that, not all blog posts are equal either.

So, obviously this post doesn’t have much meaning but what I’m trying to get at is that I don’t know what I’m getting at. I’m hoping that a job will turn up and I can close the book maybe on the whole “more schooling” thing which seems important to parents somehow (it really depends on your background for this one, honestly). So, this week also I’m probably going back to applying to jobs/internships in the hopes of landing something. I also hope to work on my pitching, because it sucks.

Whatever you’re doing, make sure you give it your all.

Here’s a song to get you through the day, by one of my favorite bands because music is also important (is it not?)


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