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People tend to generalize about things sometimes. Alright, maybe a lot of the time. I think that the problem is that everyone thinks about problems differently. You might say you agree, but you really don’t.

I’ve told some people I’m doing something, when I’ve told others another thing. I don’t really have a definite goal in mind, but say it turns out that I just end up teaching a bunch of little kids how to read? Then what is the point of any of this? Probably nothing, but I like to think that there is plenty of room left to not think too hard about it quite yet. Alright, alright so maybe I’m trying to avoid my problems by doing something entirely unrelated to that. But whatever. Life works that way sometimes.

Dance break though. (via Reaction GIFS)

I think it’s probably hard for me to say yes. But it’s also hard to say no. I don’t make sense, sorry. The thing is I don’t really like to commit to things I’m not sure about. At the same time, I might make too many problems for myself by not really saying no or saying yes. I’m a shrinking variable. I need water around me to stay afloat, but it’s hard when the water is getting deeper the farther you go and you’re starting to forget how to swim. Kinda like riding a bike after a long time and being like “hey, I remember how to do this!” and then forgetting how to start (sorry if that ever happened to anyone, like bad example maybe because who really forgets how to ride a bike?)

It’s probably time for another dance break, yeah punch that sky!
(via Reaction GIFS)

Since I’m straying from what the point is. Wait, there is none. I thought there was. Weird, guess I just made an assumption based on what others are probably thinking.

another dance break? yeah.
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weird gif, that is also amusing but it’s not real otherwise I would have remembered that.

Random note: Today is May 1. I think this is important, not because it’s May Day (that is important, too I suppose) but I’m publishing like close to 11 PM so it says its the next day. This happens with a lot of my posts. Sometimes I queue up posts but not really lately. It’s like, if I wanna write I’m just going to do it. This week I definitely wrote every day. A blog post Tues. & Thurs. and other writings somewhere else.

More dancing? I’m just going to assume so (probably should just change this post to the dance post. Oh, well).

Emma Stone dancing on BBC Radio 1
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Justin dancing it up disfrazada!
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gym dance
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via Reaction Gifs
via Reaction GIFS
Pump it with G.
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That enough? Yeah alright I’ll stop now. I think I got a little excited with the gifs there, but yeah. I hope it got you dancing. There should always be dance party going on in your head, keeps you alive. Alright, for real though this is pointless (the post, I mean but then again few of my posts have a real point soo..).

I set some goals, but reaching them long-term requires me to think differently about some things. I possibly need to change my thinking maybe. I think I’ll be alright if you keep reading, and trying to smile everyday too (whoever you are reading this, I mean). I’m alright writing this, so it’s all good.

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