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The need to consume.


I’ve been reading a lot of things. Listening to a lot of music, when sometimes I just have to stop for a minute and be be like: “How much of this stuff actually matters?” The answer is usually twofold. What I want to see and what I need to see.

Most of us have some type of social media account. We get on, we see things and then we either post about it again or take our own spin on it. We think we know what we’re doing, but does anyone really? Are we all just pretending to know what we’re doing? It’s possible, not impossible that the flaws we try to hide are really peeking through to our outwards appearance. Or, hey. Maybe you’re reading a book, but your mind is not on the story. Because you just watched or took part in something which took a lot of your energy, you can’t even think straight. There’s probably too much going on then. But, take away reading or watching tv or movies. What about things like buying groceries? Or, shopping. We’re all consumers. We’re either active or passive, but most of the time our minds don’t really know what either means and we become attached to things.

So, say you want to watch a movie. But, you need to buy groceries because you need food to live. We’re more likely to take the choices our conscious mind gives us and shove them away and do something else instead. Not to say that we don’t buy the groceries. We do, we just hate choices sometimes. Confused? It’s ok, I’m giving you a video break.

That’s a weird video, right? But, what does it even mean? Do we consume too less? Do we consume too little? Is that the same thing but written differently? Or, probably consume better? Yeah, that has to be it. But, I don’t know and maybe you do or maybe (or maybe you’re thinking none of this makes sense which is cool too). No, but really can someone tell me if this is a poem or something? Either way, it’s a mirror of the consuming culture.

I wish I knew what I was talking about but I don’t. Not really. I’ll always be wanting to know more. Whether that means saving a whole bunch or articles online that I may never get to or reading instead of watching all those tv shows that everyone is talking about. It’s fine. I’m just doing what everyone else (or most people, anyway) is doing. Which is, consuming things that are good.

Do more good. Even if it means you forget whatever else you were supposed to be doing (but not if it means you will be fired, unless of course that is your goal then go right ahead). Since, I don’t know what else to add and if you’ve read this far then you’ve obviously been consuming something of interest to you (sharing is also a part of consuming).

I’ll let Kid President do the talking now. Remember to smile, that thing is making you crazy with stress.


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