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Current Events

Maybe I’m only speaking for a small group here, but I don’t feel like current events is part of a kid’s everyday life. There used to be a time when major networks made more of an effort to promote this. This is not a hate post or anything on the topic, I’m just saying I’ve seen like not as much educational programming. But, then thank goodness for not for profit and local companies that work on educational and useful programming. Like, the news. If I went to a regular high school today, I would probably be hard-pressed to find one kind with a good knowledge of what’s going around in the world as well as any local or national news. But, hey maybe I’m judging based on what I don’t know again. Maybe, these kids know. They just choose not to show it.

Don’t call me out here, not calling anyone stupid or anything like that. It’s probably hard to have a conversation without inserting some popular tv show, musician, or movie at the current moment at the same time. It’s high school, I get that. High school is not a walk in the park either, but that’s probably a story for another day. Does anyone remember Nick News with Linda Ellerbee? Like, that was a show that talked about some real issues with some involvement from kids. Now, that I think about it it was kind of like one of those CNN town hall things that Piers Morgan used to do and sometimes what Anderson Cooper does. What’s that? Oh, my. I’ve just read on a Buzzfeed article from 2013 that Nick News is still on. That’s kind of amazing. The Nick News site says its the longest running news show. If its still on, it has been on the air since 1992. A look at the show’s Twitter page, with the most recent tweet on April 25 tells me the show is still on. This is very good and Linda Ellerbee is not the only one surprised it would seem that is has lasted this long. I suppose if you look hard enough the news that matters to the right demographic is out there.

On that note, does anyone remember Mister Rogers? Of course you do. But, he was the soft-spoken leader in bringing educational programming to the forefront. Because, that thing about Beyonce and Jay-Z is cool and all and you can dream to be like them if that’s what you’re into but when it comes down to it what do you want? Like, really want. You don’t need role-models as much as you need yourself to be guided by a model path. As I’m typing this, I’m realizing that pretty much no one grows up without out admiring at least one person or thing. It’s probably a natural part of thinking and growing.

I want to write more in the next week, so without letting this get too long I’ll just end with telling you to keep reading, consuming and doing. Life is always going on.



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