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journalisme, l’ecriture, et les critiques

A lot of writing has been going on in my world this week. Good thing that I found a reason to want to write again. Of course, there is always the chance that you might write something that is well, critically approached. To be real, everyone has their opinion and without calling people names or anything I’ll say that they have that right to. I’ll just say a few things about what I think about people who are overly critical and those that do nothing with the criticism.

Criticism of any kind should bring discussion. Whatever the topic at hand, it should be a way to let everyone speak. For example, take the topic of journalism and how it is moving away from print newspapers. This does not mean that journalism is going away, it means that there is more to learn about the field. The number one rule in journalism is probably being able to handle the critics. It doesn’t matter what you write about, if you can do this effortlessly than you are doing something right. I’ll tell you, be cool and don’t do anything rash (like delete their comments, because you might regret it later -_-). Having grace under pressure is an important thing to know how to utilize.

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I’m probably going to be doing this writing thing for awhile. Opinions aside though, if writing online shares and views are important and sometimes I view those higher than anything else. There have been some times where I tweeted an article more than once to give it more shares, all the while feeling more guilty about this. Of course, the shares didn’t actually show up so no harm done. Anyway, the share and views came on their own anyway. I appreciate when people are honest, but I even more appreciate when people are real. Since I hate is myself, I also try to do it myself. The internet can be a weird place sometimes and we have to know what we’re dealing with before we throw it all out there (which sometimes we just do anyway, like I’m doing right now with this blog post).

So, yes. I want a discussion of thought to take place in the form of comments. I think people can be cruel any site you go to though and whether they are like that in real life remains to be seen. It’s possible that we all gain courage (that we never knew we had) once we take to the internet. Maybe because we’re online, because we’re alone and what is going on seems more private. We can scream at a person we don’t even know and no one will come after us (at least not in real life). This doesn’t happen when you know someone in real life because matters automatically become so much harder. It seems you cannot express so easily what you want to.

Anyway, I’m alright. Writing, reading, smiling, and hoping for the best. Trying not to let my guard down too easily, though I know that what I write is out there and it will be read and people will be critics because it is their nature. It is the nature of all writers, I suppose. I’ll keep on if you keep on.

I can’t stop doing what I love because of a small few.

here’s a puppy to get you smiling. (via weheartit)

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