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Some of my favourite things

Oh hey, you’re probably wondering where I went.

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Or, maybe you don’t care. I’m not snowed in and I’m not sick, but I have been writing. Nothing for myself, though which when I think about it is kind of important. So, that’s what I’m going to do here. Write and pretty much just say why I like it so much.

I want to maybe publish something. Like self-publish. Short writing, poetry, a novel maybe? Not sure, but likely something having to do with the first two. It got me thinking about doing what I really like to do, because that is probably going to give me greater joy.

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But besides writing, how about them Olympics? I feel like people are watching. Like, the Olympics gets me so excited. I love watching them. I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Winter Olympics this much, it’s kinda awesome but it probably shows how much time I have on my hands. Figure skating is my favorite to watch and the new slopestyle skiing freestyle is also pretty awesome. Snowboarding is also pretty rad. (lol, “pretty rad” after awhile you start talking like the athletes, huh?) Anyway, it’s something to be excited about when everyday life is really blah sometimes.

I wrote fav like that in the title because that’s how it’s spelled in Canada (and the U.K.) and pretty much everywhere else I think, but maybe the U.S. When I was younger, I remember I used to spell the world with a ‘u’ on spelling tests and would get counted off. Like colour vs. color and favourite vs. favorite. Over time, I eventually got used to spelling it without the ‘u’ because you know convention and life. But, if you ask me, it’s my favorite way to spell the words. It sounds and looks so much more lyrical. I guess that’s the way I think, not everyone accepts this spelling or convention and that’s all right too as it probably shows where your true roots are, I suppose. (Yes, this means I’m for Canada when it comes to hockey and well some other things as well).

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So, that’s a small thing. A larger thing? Words. They can be so inspiring sometimes and get us through the hardest moments (or the best moments). Words can be in poetry, songs, debates, blogs, and articles. If you know what you’re going to say, that’s makes it all the more easiar. Sometimes it doesn’t always come out the way we hope, though. This is probably the hard part, but we try to pretend like that is only a small issue (obviously easily resolved). People express themselves in different ways, sometimes through words and sometimes through actions. Hopefully, whatever it is brings positivity in the way you think. It’s good to hope so anyway. I think we can all do something which gives us joy (in some way or another).

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Writing, breathing, living is what is all comes down to for me. I’m pretty simple, but last week I realized that I’m probably going to have to start thinking outside this small-town box and step into the big city one day. Any big city. Just take that plunge because that is where I will find the people and stories that I want to write about. It’s coming. Not in the near future, but possibly the distant one. Going after new things and stepping out of my zone; trying to make sure that I know what the heck those things are first is the harder part.

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Also, I wasn’t going to use gifs at all in this post but changed my mind upon deciding that they are awesome and I like having them in posts. However, I think it’s better to give credit to them (best as possible anyway). I might also remove gifs in previous posts or change them so they have better credit.


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