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Still frozen, still writing

I wasn’t really sure about a post this week, but I seem to be making a habit of it so might as well continue along. Been writing things this past week, hope to do more this week. I have ideas of what I want to do, but who knows whether any of that will actually happen. I guess it’s something like a trickling of what is to come.

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New Girl/Fox

Thoughts that explode, with no reason. People who think they “got this” when they don’t or people who have it, but don’t even want it.

Which is what exactly? Probably volunteering or (hopefully) by some measure working somewhere. I think that what sort of annoys me is that people tend to doubt others that do not know something. Or are not what is considered the best in their opinion. It kind of drives me mad. Take, feminists for example. Now, I’m not trying to hate on them here or anything but not everyone has the same ideas. Not everyone thinks the same way. What someone may think as the best version of the female “idea” may not be the best to someone else. I need to back this point up. This here is a good example, which technically references another article but makes some valid points. Another one here. Good one here about the supposed sisterhood feminism brings. Am I a feminist? Well, I care about issues, people and all that so maybe. But, it’s hard to define really.

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Gossip Girl/CW

whatever, I don’t think it matters. Well, it does. But, I’m not letting those people dictate what I say or do. I’m my own person after all so whatever. They don’t influence me. They can’t, really because I don’t really know myself really. Well, I do. But, not really. Make sense? Good, moving along then.

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Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory/Warner Bro.

Haters gon hate anyway. On just about everything, but everyone has a right to an opinion so we just let them be and the fights can break out as they please.

But, in other news (that is really not as interesting), it’s supposed to snow again. Apparently, the groundhog saw his shadow thereby predicting 6 more weeks of winter. It seems like everyone is starting to get mad at the weather, groundhogs, and being frozen. I will not tire of fuzzy socks or warm things, but after a while you do tire of snow. Snow, sleet, frozen rain, whatever. It’s all been done. It’s great to look at, but a bother and pain to drive in. Actually, just stay off the roads. That sounds better.
No, but really the northeast is getting a lot of snow. But, so is the Midwest (supposedly) but yeah it’s always frozen here these days so no matter.

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The weather these days seem to be a bit bipolar. I don’t claim to understand the weather, but when it’s extremely cold or hot it makes for great waiting-in-line type conversation because it is present and not just an ordinary day.

Anywho, keep warm if snow is headed your way and if you’re in the South (or anywhere else warm right now ) then just..stop. Just stop. That is all I have to say about that because I would like to be where you are right now.

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So, I’ll just continue blogging and writing my life away. It’s like I don’t know anything else. My life is so boring, I need something to give it zest. Probably need to go and build a snowman, maybe?

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Sorry, had to do it. Sorry for so many Frozen gifs (none of them mine, nor are any of the others).

So, yeah that’s me. Talking about people, feminists, writing, the weather, and staying warm all in one post. Sounds about right.


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