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Put your head up and smile

It’s yet another week. Big sigh, but it’s looking like a busy writing week. At least I’m making it that way, because if I don’t then I will probably not write at all. Anyway, no pressing matters really just wanted to write another post even though its late. But, let’s not stop thinking just because it is late.

Looking back, my last post wasn’t as put together. But, hey whatever this is just a blog that I do to write really random things. I really just wanted to share that video about being unemployed, but the other two happened then as well and I just went with it. Moving on, I like books. It’s not any kind of newfound love or anything like that. No, I’ve always liked books and reading. But, I like to hope that my book blog will grow (shameless self promotion? oh well, my blog right). Talking about books, movies, tv, random culture things are just exciting and interesting to me. It’s true. This is a fact, because like I said before thinking is not something I’m just going to stop doing.

In other news, the Grammy’s happened and life went on. I don’t really care for awards shows, but the Grammy’s are alright to watch mostly because I listen to music. Like, I don’t listen to everything out there but I hear a lot. I credit some of that to getting spotify and hearing some awesome people/bands on there. So yeah, music over movies any day. It would be so easy to say I have no time to go to the movies, but I probably do have time. The question is do I want to waste time on such a thing? What else could I be doing with my time? Seriously, people. I won’t say I’m also the most productive person ever, but I feel bad if like a whole day went by and I did nothing at all. Just nothing. At. All. Reading book is something I do in my everyday life, so I don’t really think about it. What I need to do is be writing again. Find that time and the reason to want to write. Then, the words just flow off the page. That might actually be another thing I should get back into (because it’s good to do). Writing on paper. In actual notebooks. I do have some, you know. The world is not entirely digital.

So, as I sit here finishing up this post (because what else am I going to say?) I smile. 🙂 Life is good, like the cheesy company you see at the Hallmark store. I probably write down advice more times than I mean it and I think Alice is right in that I give advice, but I very seldom follow it.

That’s me for now. Smile bigger next time, though. 😀


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