Why ever not?

Sometimes we do things we don’t understand and sometimes we do things we wish we had done. There is no point to this post, except I think I’m trying to make it. Not sure what’s going down with the world but I think it’s all probably for the worse anyway.

Sometimes we look at one another and think to ourselves, what is the point of even trying? But why give up either? See, the way I see it the world is so messed up and as much as we try to fix it it only makes things worse. Because the earth is filled with these things called humans who populate cities, towns, and countries with their love and hate. What else can be said about the human condition except that it keeps on moving, keeps on going? Hearts break, people bend themselves over to squeeze in what they think actually matters. It doesn’t. None of it does.

If you’re in the U.S., then you are aware of what is going down with the healthcare. You either are for it or against it, but more than likely you have no idea what it all means and just want a sandwich. I mention this, because there go the people again trying to fix things. In this case, for the good of the country. Obviously creating a rift between parties, for better or worse though no one really cares about the details at this point. I can’t say that nothing really affects me, because it does. I’m aware of what’s going on and I think that at the same time I’m not really absorbing any of it. So, no I don’t care but I do think that as a society we focus too much on what could be and too little on what is. That probably made no sense, but whatever. I don’t think people look at things as affecting them, because they are viewed by others in the larger society in a different way. Judging people, focusing too much on goals that are kind of arbitrary (yes, goals are important but whatever details, details), and we sometimes forget that not all of us think the same way about things like the future.

As humans we think too hard and too much. That’s probably the biggest fault of society. The biggest fault of this generation is not thinking hard enough. The millennials and youth can be resourceful, oh yes they can. But, the question is “what is the point” whenever they  we do something. I guess I could go on about this forever. I just wanted to get another post in before the month ends, because you know life.


Oh, and here is some awesome music from two awesome bands. Because, why ever not.


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