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Making sense of the media

I don’t always like the media. They are always pounding and hammering on issues that are not at all important sometimes, other times they are just annoying. Depends who you talk to. Of course, I am sorta the media in that I write online and share my work with others. As much as anyone else, I would like articles and stories to go viral. It is even more awesome when it is your own body of work. But, when to draw the line where media input doesn’t matter to the issue at hand?

People are still writing about the media. In the media. For the media. What the heck is the media? It’s that need to relate to everyday humans but not knowing how because we are not the same that way. Society groups us into different groups and we relate to one another easily or not at all. Say if I wrote for a well known publication such as the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, I would be in a world of pain. Because whether you write for a small daily or a national paper, the job of a reporter still sucks. There are good days, there are awesome days, then are really suckish days that you want to do nothing. Point is, you keep at because part of you wants to make a change. Wants to do something right with their lives and writing is not only something they love but hey it makes money so yeah. Also, talking to people when you get the chance to can be really exciting sometimes (I sound so exciting, don’t I? Sorry, about that). But, it really is something to be able to reach out to people through what you write. When you write about a local group or person, you might not love it but believe me it means so much to them. That is what matters.

Today, though it’s likely impossible to make use of the media without online means. Not to get super technical, but I mean social media here. If you’re a reporter, blogger, writer, photographer, editor, or whatever if you are not using social media to your benefit then you’re doing it all wrong. But, you’re mostly just not getting the full effect out of social media that you should be.

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It’s actually slightly impossible to describe any type (or most type of media) without including “social” in front of it to some extent.

It can’t be denied or ignored because it’s reality. The media is an everchanging cocoon of ideas and thoughts. Yes, I just typed that out. While some might point fingers at those in the media for what they do or say, the fact is that on the underside there is more good than bad in terms of media. Media relations might be tricky waters to navigate and I’m still not sure I understand all the technicalities of that. Mostly, I do understand that if you want something to mean something then you do something about it. The best way that you can.

Does this whole thing have a point? Yes. The point is that the issues do matter, but so do the hearts of real people. Something that can be forgotten, when actual people are doing the writing and reporting. The human mind can only take so much before it realizes that it’s sick of all the lies and the made up jargon that nobody cares about. I guess that’s where “off the record” comes in though, no?

No, this has no point. Because I don’t usually have one. I just write about what’s on my mind and what I think about sometimes. The media is what I think we are all a part of. In today’s society, we are all interconnected and contributing something online through social media. It doesn’t always have to make sense or be normal, but that’s the fact of it. We are all connected in the messed up media world, that will probably always exist.


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