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Truthfully Speaking

Things are not as bad as I might make them out to be when it comes to me. But, if we’re talking other matters, then yeah the world is ending and there is no time to lose. Not being overdramatic or anything, no way. Or am I? Hard to tell these days, no one really knows what’s up or down. But, I’ll tell you the truth. The sky is up and so is the air, filled with both despair and hope but in different parts of the world. Down is never good, wherever you are.

I think that there is a need to understand what is happening everyday, because if we don’t then why do we exist? Why is there so much hate? So much uncertain waters in just one world. Because that’s how the world works is what you say. Well, that what plenty of people say but it doesn’t really mean much if you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s best to read and then say what’s on your mind. We don’t know everything, but I don’t think that we can. It’s hard to know it all.

Reading the news, watching the news, listening to world events one begins to recognize that all that is front of them is kind of futile. It doesn’t matter. It never really has mattered. It takes time to realize this. I’m already taking so much time writing this again, because I don’t want to sound like I’m just writing this for space or whatever. I have things to say, I’m just not very good at saying them. Point being that, I think that as a society dependent on the online world we would be nothing with what is in front of us. Truthfully, we can’t know about that boy that died yesterday at the hands of rebels or the girl who got shot outside your house (not literally). People are not always human, they are not all made of the same material and good nature which you may or may not be used to. Really depends on who you are.

So, to tell the truth. You’re never going to get there. To the end of your dream, because you’ll always be chasing it. As long as you don’t understand people and everyday moments, you might never get there. It’s an everyday struggle. It’s supposed to be that way. No one said it would be this easy, but no one said it would be so hard either.


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