Stretching myself too thin

I’m come to see that I want to do too many things. In one day, I probably only do like three of the things I want to do. But still, that’s a lot. These days, it’s not even that. It’s just one thing, that being reading. I just want to read so much. Basically, I want to read it all but I also want to know so much.

Getting on that applying to grad schools thing done, plus applying to actual jobs, writing, and then doing other various projects. I’m also into DIY things, as well. Just kinda changing it up a bit, I guess. Then, there’s my mom who has been after me to open an online store selling clothes. Which I am also looking into. There’s a lot I need to do. First and foremost, finishing those apps. I think that my brain in thinking of all these different scenarios I could end up in and when it doesn’t go my way, it’s all just crushed.

You didn’t have to know what I meant there. That was between my brain and me. In other news, I really love Zooey Deschanel and her self. I started listening to her music “She & Him,” and I love. I have heard of them before, but now they are making me happy and I like it.

I also think this is the cutest video ever:

I also love Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

Now, on to more pressing matters. Oh, wait I guess there are none. I just want to remind myself that I really don’t have to do everything at once. Because I really, really keep thinking that I’m running out of time. Which is actually a crazy thought, but it might not be that far off from the truth. So, I try to keep busy when I’m really not busy at all. Just making myself seem that I am busy. If you are busy, then I’m jealous of you.

But not too jealous, because I’m pretty happy. In this moment, I’m a tad distracted (it’s actually taking me forever just to write this post but whatever). Hey, I’m getting there right? (sorta).


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