Spring in Summer

Starting to feel like there is not really a need to write a post all the time, but I’m going to anyway. I’m going to just do what I want because whatever. I want to go outside and get air, work out or chill, but where I am these days it is just cruelly hot and humid. Not fun times. But, I’m working in my mind on how to organize what matters in my life. Stress on the “mind” part, since yeah nothing is real yet.

Cleaning up the waste, starting anew. Doing new things, but not sure what that is or should be. See, that’s my problem I have no idea what to do next. It’s causing a mess of things leaving my brain confused and me feeling like I have to clean everything up. Instead, I just wind up on tumblr looking at images and gifs which make me smile or laugh. It’s a pretty crazy messed up world we live in, but the life each of us lives is probably close to the same everyday. If you’re me, that means lots of different things. But mostly that means, most days spent online or reading with working out thrown in for good measure and health. Quotes are helpful to look at, but they are words that should make you spring out of your chair. Or, wonder what happened to some celebrities (sorry, random). Actually I like that song, sorta. If you clicked the link, you’ll know what I mean and if not then don’t worry about it I am just random to let my mind wander from more pressing thoughts.

Other cleaning of my mind includes working on my scrapbooks. It’s something I need to do and I work on it a little bit every day, so I haven’t really neglected the task. I also am in the process of creating a paypal (nope, still don’t have one). I heard Google is doing something similar to this, which I found like super awesome but at the same time I’m like “erm, Google you sorta have all my information already.” I think I’ll hold off a little longer on it, but Google is still awesome in the changing-the-world kind of way.


The internet is a fun place, it can be a great time-waster too. I think we all know that. But, at the same time it’s so great to know what we are able to do online. Things we never thought we would be able to do. Things are amazing that way.

Back to organizing me. I’m trying and I won’t stop until I’ve got there. Right now, it’s all about trying to decide what I want and how to get there.


*Oh, and new wordpress layout? I like it!






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