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In times of strife, we must look at the happy moments.

So, it’s me again. Desperately trying not to be a loser but sorta kinda failing horribly. Luckily, though I am signed up to write for at least 4 websites and organizations so I guess I better get to it…tomorrow. Yeah, that happened.

It happens all the time. But, I’m trying to ignore it try to make room for more exciting venues. Example: “Hey, you! (me) It’s summer, be happy and stuff!” Or, just go and watch my little sister graduate from high school. A proud moment. I’m glad she made it this far, but today’s teens are so much more different than they were when I was in high school. The internet has taken over everyone’s life and has made many leave so many tasks undone, not really procrastination but just laziness. A girl who gave one of the speeches today reminded us all that we spend much too much time online, this sparked a conversation about technology and the effect it has on our productivity which is really something that should be an everyday conversation. We’re all affected. Technology kills us all, but the ones’ that succeed are the one’s that have learned to use it in moderation and understand its limits.

I’m fairly happy currently (not that anyone cared). Hoping for a significant life change, but until then I’m ok with celebrating the occasional happy moment and the times when family are most important.

The love from within is the love which truly matters.

Also, I like using gifs. More gifs in more posts is what I say! And pictures, if I can! Because, well, “you only live once but sometimes once is enough.” ~ Mae West.


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