I’m Not Alone

Everyone seems to figuring out their lives, working and doing things which make them happy. I am relatively happy, but there still is something missing. I don't know what it is, but it's probably the realization that I need more purpose.

I have nothing to live for. No one that I would give my life for. Someone that understand my innermost thoughts and feelings. I will probably not find this person, despite my thoughts and dreams but its good to hold out hope. I’m trying to put myself forward and out there. Applying to grad schools, working on my personal statements and trying to make myself not look like the loser I am.

Mostly, I think with time I see that I am not alone. I am not alone in my struggle or my need to find some type of purpose. In this time of life, who doesn’t struggle. But, hopefully there will be a way out of here for me and I can find my way out through the back exit before the show goes terribly. In other words, I’m in charge of what I want to do. I’ve always known this, but over time it becomes more clear and plain to see.

I love this song. Also, if you know me and know me well you will miss me when I’m gone from here one day.


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