Trying to find a happy place

So, it’s no secret that a lot of people today might struggle with something. Even the perfect people, of course they’re not always so readily able to admit to that. See, I’m pretty sure that there a handful (no, more) of college graduates who are stressed about what comes next. It’s distressing, it really is to pretend that you have everything figured out when in reality you are farther from that than ever.

But, not just college graduates either. Some argue that the parents of millennials are even confused about the future. At this point, another’s happiness can be more important than your own. To parents, the happiness of their child is certainly the most important thing in their life no matter how old they grow. I know that will always be the case for me.

So, right now as I’m pretty much doing like 10 things at once (not exactly literally, but all things on my mind presently). I’m working on trying to find a balance between being happy and not being crazy, because I’m getting tired of being stressed. I want to keep traveling and I don’t want to a loser who is just at home and doing nothing. That sentence just made me feel bad, so I’m awesome actually.

I don’t know what I should write. I feel like I don’t really blog enough, but at the same time I feel like I blog all the time.

Nothing else to say, keep blogging or writing and trying not to despair. 😉


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