Back to Writing

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged anything. I traveled abroad since my last post, came back and am trying to find a job. But, somehow I’m not as depressed or sad as I was before. Travel is something interesting. What is does to you is another in that it can cause one to remember why they exist. I think it’s something called Wanderlust, it affects everyone who loves or yearns to travel.

But, like I said now I’m back. I want to do a travel type blog posting my pictures day by day, since I really didn’t get to do that while I was gone. I’m getting back into working out. Yoga and overall stretching is definitely my newfound love. It puts my in a great mood and just lifts my spirits. I’m looking forward to warmer weather. It’s spring, but still dealing with a late winter storm (in spring). Whatever, I blame global warming. It’s making all us humans suffer. I would say what did we do to deserve this, but I know better..

The best thing I want to do is to try to write again. Article writing, fiction writing, or just writing in general. It’s what I do and it actually has been awhile. I have nothing else to say. This is just a post to be like: I’m still alive, breathing, and happy.


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