Right now, in this moment I’m sure of one thing and that’s that in this week a large chunk of stress will be gone from my head. I probably won’t know what to do with myself, spending months studying, but I think I’ll manage. I won’t say what the test is called, but it’s a big exam. I’m applying to different internships and jobs, in the hopes of landing something (anything?) But, until then I’m back here. Taking a break, you could say or deciding that my life is far from perfect.

Everyone has their own set of imperfections, it’s what makes us human. However, so few of us tend to wonder why these imperfections make us who we are. Why do we struggle with small things, trivial matters which are pointless? Exactly, no one knows. It seems to bother everyone into oblivion though. For example, why wonder about how that job interview is going to go when you know in your heart you might not end up getting that job? Just be yourself, not too crazy but also not to restricted either. It’s good to let loose and let yourself just come up for air every once in a while.

Recently, I came to realize that working out helps me feel a little balance. I have grown fond of yoga and if you haven’t tried it yet, there is no better time or age to start than the present! No matter what obstacles are thrown at you, we all need to learn to react to them in ways which we never knew how before. Example: You have a large meeting coming up on which the future of the company rests in your hand (ok, a bit dramatic but you get the point-I think). You cannot do everything you want in one day, but if you try you can do a lot in just one day. This is called being productive and I feel as though more people are happy when they manage to get 3 or 4 things done in one day rather than not even completing one thing. Remember, tomorrow is another day.

Whatever helps you feel at ease, do it because it will help. It makes a world of difference to know that you are going to make it through the week, the month, heck even the day. Life is not easy, but no one said that it would be a walk in the park either.

Be ready and be happy. Mostly, though just be poised for whatever comes your way and know that whether its this year or in the years’ to come, you will be (somewhat) in greater spirits than today.


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